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The Difference Between A Moderate Drinking Program And An Alcohol Harm Reduction Program

Moderate drinking programs are aimed primarily at early stage problem drinkers who wish to stay within moderate drinking limits, such as the NIAAA limits of 4 standard drinks daily and 14 weekly for men and 3 daily and 7 weekly … Continue reading

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The Social Cost Of Television Viewing – a tongue in cheek view

Doom sayers are oft warning us of the social costs of drug or alcohol use–but what about the horror of television addiction?? The average American spends over 4 hours a day watching TV (Nielsen Media Research http://www.nielsenmedia.com/nc/portal/site/Public/menuitem.55dc65b4a7d5adff3f65936147a062a0/?vgnextoid=4156527aacccd010VgnVCM100000ac0a260aRCRD ). This is … Continue reading

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