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Zen practitioner, yoga enthusiast, public health professional, and some other weird stuff.

Rank Your Risks

I thought it would be fun and educational to do a series on the 17 elements of HAMS.  But in typical Hamster fashion, I’m not taking them in order.  They aren’t steps – you don’t have to do them in … Continue reading

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When Life Happens to Hamsters

What a week! In a one-two punch, I’ve found out that my father is suffering from pulmonary fibrosis, a chronic and slow moving but fatal lung disease caused by asbestos in the home where he lived while pastoring a rural … Continue reading

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There’s a Cat Writing the Hamster Blog!

Hey Hamsters! There’s a cat writing the Hamster blog!  Many of you know me by other names, but I’m writing as Harm Reduction Cat so that I can speak a little more freely than I can on platforms where I … Continue reading

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